Ngày 22/6/2019

The chart shows the number of students in a UK university who completed (on time or late), failed to write, and rewrote their dissertations in 1990, 2000, and 2010

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The number of students who completed on time or late, failed to write and rewrote their dissertations in a UK university in the 20-year timeframe, starting from 1990 is illustrated in the provided bar chart.

Overall, all the figures witnessed an upward trend with the exception of that of students failing to write their dissertations. It is also clear that the majority of students completed their theses on time.

As for the number of students who completed their theses on time, this figure was at precisely 150 people in 1990. Afterwards, there was twofold growth to precisely 300 people in 2010.

 A similar pattern could be seen in the number of students that completed late and rewrote their theses, with a start of nearly 20 and 10 people in 1990, respectively. The former then slightly rose to about 50 people in 2010. Meanwhile, the latter subsequently increased to approximately 25 people in 2000 and fell moderately to just 22 people at the end of the course.

 On the contrary, the 1990-2010 marked the time when the quantity of students who failed to write their dissertations experienced a significant decline. There were below 50 students in this case in 1990.Over the next ten years, this figure decreased by half to 24 people before dropping to the lowest point at just 9 people in 2010.


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