A. Definition:

Put on:

  • to appear to have a feeling or way of behaving that is not real or not natural for you: giả vờ

  • to apply something to your skin, face, etc: trang điểm

B. Examples:

Part 1: Makeup // Do you often wear makeup?

       To be honest, I don’t put on any makeup at all except for when I go out for special occasions, for example going to a job interview. Well, there are quite a number of reasons why I don’t regularly wear makeup, and the most important one is that I don’t feel comfortable applying too many beauty products on my face.

Part 2: Describe an experience that you got bored when you were with others

      Hmm I am an optimistic person so I don’t really get bored very often. However, I still vividly remember a time when my bestie brought me along with her to a party and I was bored stiff (chán chết). Actually when she first asked me to go with her, I pointedly refused (từ chối thẳng thừng) since I barely knew anyone at that party. She could have gone to that party without me, but no… she was persistently persuading me to accompany her and I eventually gave in to what she wanted. The party was fun at first that I thought I could really enjoy myself there, but it was not until my bestie found her boyfriend that I was completely left out. Oh, I forgot to mention, the party was her boyfriend’s birthday so after they met, he took her to other tables and introduced her to his friends. I had nothing to do but kept myself engaged (tự khiến mình bận rộn) by playing games on my phone and put on a smiley face whenever my bestie checked on me.


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