A. Definition:

Take in:

  • Take in someone: to deceive or trick someone (lừa ai đó)
  • Take in something: to completely understand the meaning or importance of something (thấu hiểu)

B. Examples:

Part 1: Trust // Have you ever lost trust in somebody?

      Well actually this happens to be quite frequent to me. I don’t know that whether I’m surrounded by too many unreliable friends or I’m so credulous (nhẹ dạ cả tin) that I get taken in so many times. As I’m the type of person who sees things in black and white, I immediately lose trust in others just when I found out about their lies.

Part 2: Describe a film you would like to share with your friend

        From my perspective, although Fight Club movie was released quite a long time ago, its embedded (được lồng ghép vào) values still hold true until today. Since Fight Club was a film adaption (film chuyển thể) of a novel with the same title, its script was meticulously (kỹ càng) developed to be not only captivating but thought-provoking to the audience as well. To be honest, there were lots of visual metaphors (hình ảnh ẩn dụ) in this movie and it took me several times to rewatch Fight Club to take in what the movie was actually about. It successfully portrayed the danger of modern consumer culture, and the reason why I want to share it with my best friend is to change her perception about shopping. My bestie is a shopaholic whose money burns a hole in her pocket (xài tiền như nước), so I hope that she could be enlightened even just a little bit to change her shopping habits after watching this movie.



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